A Season of Brightness

Tis the Season, A Season of Brightness, that is!

Our aspiration for this year’s celebrations is to closely align with our mission, bring connection, companionship, community, and friendship, and be welcoming to all members of all communities.

Many holiday traditions include lights in their celebrations. This is especially true in the late fall and winter when there is so much less light in our lives. What better time of year to celebrate A Season of Brightness than November 21 through January 2!

We invite you to pick and choose as many “bright ideas” as you’d like, or ideas you may have of your own, to shine a little light and put a smile on your special friend’s face.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and you do not need to do something every day. However, we would love it if you did something every week!

Questions, contact Ann Fosco @ afosco@friendsco.org

In the spirit of giving, if you log your weekly activities, we will choose a volunteer every week to receive a special gift from us.

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All of us at Friends & Co wish you a light-filled season of brightness!