Friends & Co to Go

We recently unveiled our new van, which is set to bring community connections and conversations to older adults across Minnesota. The Friends & Co Community Connector van, which is brightly colored and adorned with our bold graphics, is already turning heads on the road.

We will travel with the van to different towns and cities throughout the state, hosting events and engaging with locals. The Friends & Co to Go van will be equipped with café tables and umbrellas, creating a comfortable and inviting space for people to gather over coffee and treats to connect and share while also learning about the benefits of strong social connections and the many ways they could engage with Friends & Co. This will provide an opportunity for individuals to come together, enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack and engage in meaningful conversations with one another.

We are excited about the new van’s possibilities to help us create opportunities for people to connect and engage with one another and make Minnesota a more robust and healthier place to grow older! Through Friends & Co to Go, we are happy we can foster stronger connections among people in communities across the state and provide a platform for older adults to connect, share experiences, offer support, and provide valuable feedback. Friends & Co will share the information we gather with policymakers, community leaders, and other service providers regarding the specific needs the older adults in their communities identify. Friends & Co to Go is a great example of how community-led organizations can help create positive change in communities.

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