Phone Companions

Friendship is the secret to feeling cared about, connected, and engaged.

There is nothing like the feeling one gets when a friend is about to call. The laughter, the stories, sharing the experiences. If you are an older adult or care for someone who is, the phone may not be ringing as often as one would like. That is where Phone Companions come in. We connect older adults with warm and caring volunteers ready to create and enjoy a connection.

It all begins with just a phone call and blossoms from there. We know because we have been successfully bringing friends together for over 48 years.

So, get connected with people eager to share their friendship.

  • Completely free to older adults
  • Volunteers are background checked
  • Quick and easy to join

Phone Companions – We put Friendship at Your Fingertips


Questions about this service? Contact us @ 612-746-0737 or

To sign up or recommend someone, please choose one of the following:


  • Please recommend elders 65+. If you have questions, call 612-746-0724
  • Each Phone Companion will call regularly for check-ins and engage in friendly conversation
  • All Phone Companions successfully complete a background check
  • We will let you know when the person you recommend is paired
  • Prior to recommending someone, make sure they want talk on the phone

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