May 29, 2022

In Person Visitations are Back

Thank you so much for your continued patience and commitment to keeping those around you safe and healthy. While safety remains our top priority for both older adults and volunteers, visiting in person is now possible for those who choose to do so!

If you are seeing your companion in person, please follow these simple guidelines:
  • Understanding that it is a personal choice, we recommend that all volunteers and members receive a COVID-19 vaccination and boosters if their current health status allows it, helping to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy.
  • Once a member and volunteer have been fully vaccinated, meeting in person is at their discretion. If the elder lives in a congregate setting (assisted living residence, long-term care facility, etc.), always adhere to the facility’s policies and procedures for visiting.
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated and required for anyone not vaccinated or if required by the member’s residence.
  • Please inform LBFE or your Team Leader if you are vaccinated and will be starting in-person visits.

We are not “back to normal” as we navigate this latest transition. Reengaging or engaging with your companion for the first time may feel awkward. Give yourselves some time to develop the type of relationship that brings joy and meaning to you both. Whether on the phone or in person, you are making a difference!