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Why Be a Member:

Whether you join us to participate in our services for older adults, become a volunteer, or support us through donations, you will be joining an established, trusted, accepting, compassionate, connected community where everyone’s contributions matter and everyone is always welcome regardless of race, religion, age, orientation, gender, or beliefs.

Support Our Mission:

When you donate to Friends & Co, you help reduce isolation and loneliness for older adults in our community. Thank you for being so helpful in creating a world where every older adult can feel connected, valued, and cared for.

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Benefits For Older Adult Members:

As an older adult member, you will have access to all our services. Whether you like to reach out yourself for a good phone chat or you prefer the friendship of a regular caller, you have that choice. If you feel like taking the next step, we can pair you with a volunteer companion to visit with in person. Your preferences and choices are important to us, and we will do our best to ensure your opportunities for connection and community are meaningful and gratifying.

In addition, as a member of our community, you will have access to special social events, holiday celebrations, greeting cards, and our Among Friends newsletters, which are packed with personal stories, updates on our happenings, and more. Finally, you are welcome to reach out to us anytime and let us know how you are doing. We love hearing from our members!

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Benefits For Our Volunteer Members:

As a valued volunteer member, you will be joined by others who share the same passion for creating connections and building community. Our team will provide all the training, resources, and support you need to develop meaningful connections and friendships. We provide weekly updates via our Among Volunteers E-Newsletters, which feature stories about our members and friends, valuable tips, and inspirational articles and videos. Have a question or concern? You will also be paired with an experienced volunteer leader who can provide additional support and advice as needed and are invited to share your feedback with us through volunteer surveys. Whether you choose to be a Coffee Talker, Phone or Visiting Companion, a Skills-Based Volunteer, supporter, or Board member, we believe you will find value and meaning in your volunteer role and your membership in the Friends and Co community.

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Be A Visiting Companion:

Time commitment: Number and length of visits to be determined by you and your new visiting companion, with phone calls, texts, emails, or cards between visits. As a Visiting Companion, you and your friend can enjoy each other’s company at home, out-and-about town, or wherever you choose based on the schedules and needs each of you brings to the relationship. Please take this opportunity to make a lasting difference and help older adults in your community looking for connections.

Be A Visiting Companion.

Be A Phone Companion:

Time commitment: This is to be determined by you and your new phone companion. Most companions talk weekly. Phone Companions allows an older adult to connect with a volunteer one-to-one for an ongoing, meaningful phone friendship. You can be the caring voice at the end of the line and build a rewarding connection, one call at a time. Embrace this chance to create a significant difference. Enroll now and become the warm presence that illuminates someone’s day!

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Be A Coffee Talker:

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am-Noon. Time Commitment: Weekly four-hour shift. It can be flexible. Coffee Talk allows older adults to call in and connect with a friendly volunteer for a caring conversation. Become a Coffee Talker and offer attentive listening, engaging conversation, and heartfelt support – all from the comfort of your home! Excellent training and support are provided. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Sign up today and be the friendly voice that brightens someone’s day!

Be A Coffee Talker.

Be A Community Ambassador:

As a Community Ambassador, you can help end loneliness and isolation for the older adults in your backyard. If you are active and connected in your community and want to share the amazing mission of Friends & Co, we invite you to join us. As a member of our extended team, we will set you up for success by providing you with all you need to spread the word where you can make a difference. Maybe it’s in Faith communities, with your neighbors, at community events, with local businesses, on social media, or wherever you feel your message will be helpful.

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Be A Skills-Based Volunteer:

Are you more of a behind-the-scenes person? We often need volunteers with specific skills for time-limited projects.

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Thank you for supporting our mission for the next 50 years!