February 15, 2023

Valentine’s Day for Seniors 2023

Friends & Co, in partnership with radio hosts Jason and Alexis from myTalk 107.1 and our celebrity spokesperson, Liz, raised awareness about loneliness and isolation for older adults in Minnesota this Valentine’s Day holiday. Together we generated and delivered 3,500 hand-crafted, heartwarming Valentine’s Day cards to 716 older adults throughout the Twin Cities. Valentine’s Day can bring up a variety of emotions depending on where you are in your life. While it can bring up feelings of joy and love for some, it may be a lonely day for others. However, as you know, loneliness is not an emotion experienced exclusively on Valentine’s Day; it is an emotion that some feel year-round.

“It meant a lot to open my door and find those homemade Valentine’s cards waiting for me. Thank you very much.”

Thank you to all the myTalk participants, our friends and volunteers, and the Minnesota Public Housing Authority, who made this holiday extra special!